In the course of a free collaboration with the electronic music producer Audio Dope I had the honor of creating the music video for the new single ‹Floating› of his upcoming album. Floating is a beautifully melancholic music piece that lets you explore different types of sounds in a manifold as well as totally harmonic way. Noisy, crackling analog sounds float into clean and smooth electronic ones and create a fascinating atmosphere. 
I wanted to show the interplay of these two worlds in a visual equivalence. I found the use of particles to be suitable because it allowed me to compose and move them in different ways to match the music. The video relies solely on the choreography of the particles — leaving out color, other shapes or extra editing techniques. Hence the effect of the their movement and alignment is in focus. Transforming my interpretation of the song into the choreography of the particles the musical moods of noisy versus clean sounds reveal themselves as visual chaos versus order.
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