This is the music video for the single taken from Claudia Stephani's Happy End EP which was released on 14th September 2018.

The idea to animate folded paper by using the stop motion technique came up because I felt it matched the mood of the song quite well. So I asked Stefan, a friend of mine, to help me with the realization of this idea since he's the paper and origami pro. We started by looking for a single, simple to fold and manipulate figure that we can use to create all the images for the video from. Taking inspiration from the lyrics of the song and our own interpretation of it we composed several different short clips and loops which I intended to further manipulate and arrange digitally in post.

Post production was done in Adobe After Effects. I separated the paper figures from the background in order to gain full control over color, timing and positioning which allowed me to compose the images freely to the rhythm of the music.​​​​​​​
Director / Animator / Editor
Cyrill Studer
Production Designer / Animator
Stefan Kurt Scherer
Happy End by Claudia Stephani
«Happy End» by Claudia Stephani

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